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HD S64


Product name HD-S64 led USB driver screen controller card with USB port and serial port
Product name HD-S64 is the update version of HD-X41 LED Card
Single color 1024*256; 4096*64Pixels
Dual color 512*256; 4096*32 Pixels
Tri color 672*128; 2048*32Pixels
Load range 1024w*256H
widest 4096
Highest 256
Onboard 1*50PIN

HD S64


Support all languages(Software :HD2016)
Support 7 color effects and 64 colors Gray level (HD-S62/S63/S64/S65)
Border functions of Program border, area border and Custom design border.
Add Countdown /Count up, Button Countdown / Count up
Add Text Rotation of 90�?180�? 270� for display
Text function of Hollow?Stroke etc
Add payment collection function
Updated program by U-disk
More than 200 types showing effects
Support Second develop SDK
More high brightness, more moving speed ,more refresh
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