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HD R500


HD-R500 Synchronous Full Color LED Display Receiving Card 256*128 Pixels
Dual network port can identify the input and output automatically 
Receive data from sending card Play BOX

HD R500


Product name HD-R500
Type indoor/outdoor single/dual/full color module;
Single cable with load area: 1024 * 768
Scan mode All scan modes from static to 1/32 are supported.
Grey Level 0-65536
Quantity of single network line cascading receiver card 64pcs
Test Function The receiving card integrates the screen testing function, users can carry out color band (including red, green, blue and white), gray, slant, grid and multi points tests by pressing the self-detection button
Area of single receiver card 256*128(recommended),384�256(full color ),1024�512(single /dual color)
Connection of multiple cards Receiver card can rank randomly, setting the connection location by software's automatic identification or by hand.
Play Content Video,picture, PPT, animation, word, text, table, clock and time are supported to play.
Smart Setting Smart setting is completed by few simple steps, screen unit plates in any alignment can be matched by screen alignment setting
Time Switch Support customized/computer time swith
Port Two 5V power ports,two Ggabit Ethernet ports and a group of standard switch ports
Work Temperature 20�C-85�C
Input Voltage 4V-6V
Software HD3000
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