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HD E65


Product name HD-E65 Ethernet & USB Ports LED display Control Card
Single color 1024*512; 4096*128 Pixels;
Dual color 512*512; 4096*64 Pixels;
Tri color 672*256; 2048*32 Pixels;
Load range 1024w*512H 
widest 4096
Highest 512
  Onboard 2*50PIN

HD E65


Support 7 color effects and 64 colors Gray level
Add payment collection function
Support WAN, LAN, inter-network multiple connectivity options
Updated program by U-disk
Support real time Partition (secondary development)
Support Second develop SDK
Add Count down/up,Count by Button;Digital Count 
Add Animation,Background ,Smart setting ,Area overlapping.Showing Text,Photo,Time, Clock etc
More than 200 types showing effects
Add payment collection function
More high brightness,more moving speed ,more refresh
Support 1000pcs Programs and 8 Districts 
Add Text Rotation of 90� 180� 270� for Vertical display
Support Remote function,temperature,humidity,brightness etc. the remote control support to select 1-9999 program to play
Support all languages
Support partitioned background
Support time, including timed cycle
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