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HD A603


HD-A603 Full Color Async Sync Dual-mode LED Controller (LED Display Player Box) Control Range 1920*1080H
HD-A603 Full Color Async Sync Dual-mode control system is designed to be a complete solution for remote control,independent play HD video, pictures, text in LED advertising media display,
HD-A603 Dual-mode control system consists of three parts : Async Sync play box HD-A603, LED Receiving Card HD-R500 and Control Software HDPlay.
Async Sync play box HD-A603 is the core of the system, and is responsible for receiving, storing and playing, support offline playback, also can play the contents of a computer, set-top boxes, video processors and other video sources in real time.
HD-R500 is responsible for receiving data from LED player box, displaying data in LED screen real-time.
HDPlayer which is installed in the control computer provides the functions of program editing,parameter settings, 
brightness adjustment, screen correction and more.

HD A603


Support 1080P,720P High Definition.
Support  Synchronous and Asynchronous using, plug and play.
Support U-disk expanding memory, also SD card expand.
Support network cluster management.
Support Digital Video Camera(DV) and Digital television.
Support stereo audio output.
Can Plug and play without any network settings.
Support 0-65536 gray scale. 
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